Creating strong TeamS

“Elizabeth has an almost magical way of picking up on clues and knowing how and when to create open discussions that benefit the team.”
- Business Unit President, Technology 

Hear how teamwork boosted one company's bottom line.

Strong teams are the foundation for great work. 

Whether you're leading a new team or want to improve the team you have, I can help you take team collaboration and performance to the next level, building greater trust, communication and a shared vision for results.


Reduce the time it takes for a new team to be productive.


  • Brief team survey to gather feedback on team strengths, challenges and goals

  • Review and discuss feedback as a team

  • Develop an action plan to support success


Create a shared understanding of top priorities, challenges, and individual working style “Do’s and Don’ts,” eliminating the guesswork when forming a cohesive and productive new team.


Work together to create practices and behaviors that take team performance to the next level.


  • Pre-assessment to clarify focus and provide a baseline to track progress

  • Candid leader and team conversations to deepen understanding of strengths and practice new behaviors to increase trust, collaboration and a commitment to shared results

  • Progress interviews and assessment to measure and sustain improvement



Appreciation of diverse strengths, healthy conflict, and a shared purpose to achieve collective results.

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One of Elizabeth’s greatest assets is her ability to leverage assessment data, along with a highly intuitive sense of each team member’s individual style, and how our diverse styles were working well, and when they were not and causing friction . . . She has an almost magical way of picking up on clues and knowing how and when to create open discussions that benefit the team . . . Working with Elizabeth helped us significantly improve our level of trust, dialogue and team spirit.”

- Business Unit President, Technology Solutions

As the new leader of a division within a Fortune 500, I brought in Elizabeth to help improve the dynamic amongst the leadership team . We came out a more cohesive team, better aligned on a mission, with a common understanding on how to effectively debate topics and rally around decisions . . . (Elizabeth) provided me with indispensable insights into how to engage with each of the team members and how to resolve conflict as it arises . . .I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome and results!”

- Senior Vice President, Technology Solutions Fortune 500