How to Drive Better Results with a Strong Team

Hear from successful entrepreneur Jeff Wald about how he and his team improved trust, engaged in healthy conflict, and made better business decisions.

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Discussion Highlights

0:23 Jeff's background in entrepreneurship

1:03 What prompted you to seek support in creating a stronger team?

"I just assumed that everything was functional because we were producing

results, but we weren't producing the best results we could have."

2:05 Did you have preconceived notions of what it would be?

"It's squishy, this notion of team optimization. I don't know how to put it into

my KPIs... You showed me how to get value out of it."

5:55 What is my impact as a leader on a team?

"We like to think [the benefits of the job] are enough to push people to give it

everything they have, and it may as an individual, but it doesn't mean that they

are collaborating optimally."

6:53 Was there a moment something clicked for you?

"[There were] actions that were demonstrably value destructive that we took as

a team that we wouldn't have taken as a team if the team were actually

functional...This is on me that I didn't do this for this team earlier."

8:50 Were there moments of joy where you saw change? How do you think they

team benefitted?

" debates and discussions that were so much more substantive, so much

more helpful to the team, so much more positive for the team."

10:00 Understanding healthy conflict

"When we got to a decision - because I would make it - there was not

commitment to it, and the decision by the way was wrong. And it was wrong

because we were not able to have healthy conflict... We were able to get to get

to that point, and you just kind of sit back as a leader and smile and know that

you are on a much more effective ship."

11:42 How did the teams interact differently after the work?

"People really embraced it and really started to bring it down the organization

and then outside the organization."

13:00 How do you talk about the importance of a team differently now?

"You've given me the language in which to have these conversations... Now I

have the frameworks... to say, is there trust on your team?... how do you know?

do you have healthy conflict?"


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