Elizabeth’s approach to leading teams and organizations through change has finally achieved what the numerous articles, books and workshops on change management have not – results!  From my first conversation with Elizabeth, I realized that leading others through change does not have to be complicated and over-engineered. Her three priorities and clear action steps are comprehensive, without being a burden to implement.  As a leader of a large service organization with hundreds of employees located across the US, I needed help leading through a large, difficult change.  She helped us create a clear change message, facilitated learning for my leaders to understand their role in leading their people through our change and created a simple way to measure our progress on a quarterly basis, taking the guesswork out of knowing where our change efforts were succeeding and where we had to focus more effort to move the organization forward.  Having structured, yet open and collaborative conversations about the benefits and challenges of our change is a powerful differentiator of Elizabeth’s approach over others I have tried, which helped us get buy-in sooner than we had with previous changes.  In fact, while we use the change leadership practices on our own, Elizabeth continues to be a trusted coach and advisor when the speed and amount of change becomes overwhelming.  She helps me and my team remember where we are strong and how to use our talent and skill to meet any transformation challenge.


Following the acquisition of our company by a much larger entity, "change management" became the amorphous buzzword of the moment, eliciting aggressive head-nods and "yes, very important" endorsements.  But until Elizabeth arrived with a clear process that produced a plan for our evolution, not much had happened.

Change management IS incredibly important, but as the term suggests, the change must be managed.  Elizabeth helped our leaders think about the critical aspects of their messaging and communication and helped all of us organize and chunk the work into manageable action steps: a communication plan; coaching & development sessions for leaders to actually lead the change and a simple way to get feedback from our employees along the way. 

Elizabeth also stressed the all-important emotional aspects of change, helping to support our people as they digested and endorsed the change. Heavily versed in the neuroscience and human behavioral aspects of change adoption, she translated the science into an easily understood, intuitive approach for me and my leadership team.  Our evolution was very successful, thanks to Elizabeth's manageable, hands-on approach.


As the new leader of a division within a Fortune 500, I brought in Elizabeth to help improve the dynamic amongst the leadership team. While on the surface appearing a strong collective of people with impressive backgrounds, I quickly discovered there were strained relationships, conflicts, and wide ranging opposing beliefs of what the purpose and direction of the division was/should be. Elizabeth effectively guided us through a series of very frank conversations and exercises that brought out the conflict and helped us resolve it, but more importantly helped everyone on the team identify the behaviors that led to the dysfunction, so we can call them out and avoid them going forward. Elizabeth did an amazing job managing these at times intense conversations, pushing to resolution where needed and sensing when discussions were becoming counterproductive or the team needed a break. Her approach was informative, teaching us all how to be better team leaders and more collaborative team members, and was incredibly helpful to the success of the business. We came out of our team coaching with Elizabeth as a cohesive team that was aligned on a mission and had a common understanding on how to effectively debate topics and align around decisions. Elizabeth also leveraged her observations from these sessions with myself and the team to provide me with indispensable insights and coaching into how to engage with each of the team members and how to resolve conflict as it arises. The whole process was a meaningful investment from the team, and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome and results!


I asked Elizabeth to help me to evaluate and then optimize the effectiveness and collaboration of my executive leadership team. While we operated well, we had opportunities to improve. I believed there were some unspoken conflicts and issues that kept us from being a really great team.  Knowing this was a busy, data-driven team, Elizabeth balanced objective survey data collected at the start, with regular facilitated face-to-face and virtual team conversations to dig deeper into areas of trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results. The combination of analytical data and discussing specific trends/examples resonated well with my team.


One of Elizabeth’s greatest assets is her ability to leverage assessment data, along with a highly intuitive sense of each team member’s individual style, and how our diverse styles were working well, and when they were not and causing friction. She was able to spot and draw out underlying feelings in an interaction between team members, or with the team as a whole, in a safe way.  She had an almost magical way of picking up on clues and knowing when the team would benefit from these open discussions.  I feel the team gained the most from these conversations, becoming better at talking about difficult topics with greater depth and honesty.  We became better at picking up on issues ourselves and resolving them faster when she wasn’t there with us. Working with Elizabeth helped us significantly improve our level of trust, dialogue and team spirit in every category of the survey we took at the beginning and end of our work.  We are better able to share what matters, to trust, to resolve conflict, and discuss topics that might otherwise have been left below the waterline, which would have impeded our ability to achieve collective results.

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