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Forward: Leading Your Team Through Change

Every week thousands of people leaders around the world, in organizations large and small, are asked—or told—to lead through a change they didn’t initiate and one that their team will likely resist, for example:

  • The current way work gets done is being automated with new technology, causing uncertainty and fear about the future of jobs.

  • There’s a sudden crisis or unexpected disruption in the market that upends and shifts business priorities.

  • Leaders have to downsize a team and exit good people, all while keeping their remaining team members engaged.


As the pace and rate of change increases, leaders need to urgently develop their capability. Forward: Leading Your Team Through Change provides inspiration, practical actions and tools to help team leaders learn to navigate change, and the timing couldn’t be better. It’s a condensed playbook, grounded in neuroscience and written with humor, addressing the most common change leadership challenges. While the majority of available books focus on managing organizational change, Forward is uniquely targeted to the overwhelmed and under-resourced team leader, who is critical in driving necessary changes to help their organizations thrive through shifting market conditions and fierce competition.

Coming Summer 2022!

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