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forward change leadership

“Elizabeth's FORWARD approach is a must-have for any change work you’re doing...we implemented a simple plan to train our leaders & measure our results to focus our energy where it was needed, when it was needed.”

M.S. Division Vice President, Technology & Software Solutions

Why FORWARD Change Leadership works:

Start with Strengths Leaders have made hundreds of changes, learning from what has worked and what hasn't. We honor and use their knowledge, leveraging existing strengths, plus provide additional actions and practical tools so they give their team members the information and support needed to more easily make the change that's required.


Take Action Grounded in Neuroscience People are complex when it comes to change. We're hardwired to learn and grow on the one hand, while on the other, changes trigger our threat response. Our leadership development works with these natural brain functions, highlighting five of the most relevant concepts that leaders need to leverage to create better outcomes.

Treat Resistance as Normal Leaders waste time and energy responding to resistance as a problem. We help them shift to a curious mindset, normalizing and preparing them for tough questions and reactions. We then provide simple conversation guides, so leaders can respond effectively, making it more likely that team members will buy in vs. continue to resist the change. 

solutions to develop leaders

1. Practical Change Leadership, a scalable, technology-enabled learning simulation based on the practices outlined in FORWARD. 

2.  Forward Change Leadership Training, an interactive in-person or virtual development experience that gives leaders proven actions and practical tools to more confidently lead their team through existing or upcoming changes.

3.  Change Leadership Individual or Group Coaching that takes the guesswork out of "Change Management," focusing on your specific goals and challenges, and supporting you and your team to take the best targeted actions, reducing stress and maximizing impact.


Elizabeth’s approach to leading teams and organizations through change has finally achieved what the numerous articles, books and workshops on change management have not – results! . . . Having structured, yet open and collaborative conversations about the benefits and challenges of our change is a powerful differentiator of Elizabeth’s approach which helped us get buy-in sooner than we had with previous changes. In fact, while we use the change leadership practices on our own, Elizabeth continues to be a trusted coach and advisor when the speed and amount of change becomes overwhelming. She helps me and my team remember where we are strong and how to use our talent and skill to meet any transformation challenge.

- C.R. Vice President, Professional Services Fortune 500

Following the acquisition of our company by a much larger entity, "change management" became the amorphous buzzword of the moment, eliciting aggressive head-nods and "yes, very important" endorsements. But until Elizabeth arrived with a clear process that produced a plan for our evolution, not much had happened... Elizabeth helped our leaders think about the critical aspects of their messaging and communication and helped all of us organize and chunk the work into manageable action steps: a communication plan; coaching and development sessions for leaders to actually lead the change and a simple way to get feedback from our employees along the way... Heavily versed in the neuroscience and human behavioral aspects of change adoption, she translated the science into an easily understood, intuitive approach for me and my leadership team. Our evolution was very successful, thanks to Elizabeth's manageable, hands-on approach.

- G.M. Business Unit President, FinTech

Ready to Develop Stronger Change Leaders?

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